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Covercasa is now available in 26 states and will be available in new states each month.
By summer of 2021, we will help you save on home insurance in 40 states.

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Why it Works

Covercasa home insurance options are provided without human bias. Our technology gets prices from multiple carriers in seconds. Your options are shown in order of price, along with company ratings and coverage differences.

Covercasa is like nothing you’ve seen when buying home insurance. You’re in the driver’s seat. You decide how you want to spend your money and buy online in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Covercasa different than other insurance comparison sites?

Unlike other comparison sites, Covercasa’s technology provides unbiased options so that you, the homeowner, can select the best coverage at the best price.

“The truth about most insurance comparison sites is they are simply selling your information to third parties. That is their real business. These sites make money by providing absolutely nothing to you. They waste your time and save you nothing. Covercasa is in business to give you what you came for……pricing options, instantly, so you can get the best home insurance coverage at the best price, immediately.”

How long does it take to get a policy?

Covercasa delivers multiple quotes in seconds and gives you the option to buy your insurance policy in minutes, from our online store.

Can I get help on the coverage I should select?

Absolutely. Covercasa knows that some homeowners prefer a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach and these customers want to see their options then buy their policy as quickly as possible. For DIY, you can use the library to learn more about coverage options and how they protect your home. Insurance can be a complicated language, especially for first-time homebuyers, so we also have licensed insurance agents standing by to help you select from the options you’ve been given. This free service only adds minutes to your buying process and can give you the validation you’re looking for to make the best choice.

DIY or free licensed agent, we have you covered on either path you pick.

What states is Covercasa available in today?

Covercasa is licensed to offer home insurance in the 26 states below and will be opening new states each month.  By summer of 2021, we will be available in 40 states.

New Hampshire
New Jersey
North Carolina
South Carolina

Does Covercasa work for insurance companies?

No, Covercasa is a licensed insurance agency that has contracts with top insurance companies in the United States, so we can offer the best price and coverage options to you. We will only offer financially sound carriers, as demonstrated by insurance rating organizations, such as A.M. Best or Demotech.